Our Services

Our Services

Our areas of expertise

Be it business excellence in the board room, to offering best in class services to aid our players in reaching and maintaining an elite level on the pitch, at Concilium Sport, we foster the culture of operating with excellence in everything we do. Collaborating with our players and their families, we understand the services required to support a career will always be unique. As a result, we offer a complete end to end service that can then be tailored to each individual client’s needs.

How we can help

At Concilium Sport, we offer services to give 360-degree coverage for the modern day elite athlete throughout their career lifecycle:

Club negotiations

Whether it’s contract negotiations, loan or transfers, we understand that every client’s situation is different, and we are able to offer a tailored and professional approach to support and advise in every situation.

Sport Science

We partner exclusively with industry leading sports science professionals to enable our players to perform at the top level throughout the season.

Sports Psychology

Our clients will have the option to work with one of the top sports psychologists in the game, regardless of what stage of your career you’re at to assist with reaching peak performance.

Scouting & Analytics

Visual representation and support at games from a member of the team, which is backed up by our in house statistical and video analysis team to assist with player development.


Concilium Sport takes a holistic approach to developing a commercial strategy around new players. We take calculated and deliberate steps to secure various pathways for global commercial growth, which is bespoke to each players’ interests.


Retained legal counsel to ensure our clients are protected and to provide expert legal advice.


We work with trusted financial advisors to support our players by taking a complete approach to wealth management to safeguard their earnings for during and after their career.


Every client’s needs are different and we’re able to offer a bespoke service to our clients and their families with whatever their lifestyle requirements are.

How We Work

Transparency and integrity

Conducting ourselves in an honest and transparent manner is centric across all our business objectives. We work to build unwavering trust with our clients and their families as we partner with them throughout their career.

A truly global agency

Working from our offices in London, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin and expanding, we represent players across the globe.  As experts within sports management, we understand visa restrictions and regulations and are able to guarantee the same elite quality of service wherever you’re based.

Business Excellence

All our team are experts within sports management and their specific functions within our team. This means the unit you have working with you will understand your needs inside out, ensuring we match our work off the pitch with the hard work you put in on the pitch.

Constantly exceeding expectations

Ultimately, we measure our success by exceeding our clients’ expectations and developing long-term working partnerships. Our aim is to make the sports management process as seamless as possible, and we're not satisfied unless you are.