About Us

About Concilium Sport

Concilium Sport is redefining the role of the Sports management Consultancy. Central to this philosophy are the core principles of player care and player development, in which we have a proven track-record in guiding elite emerging talent successfully through their career and the meticulous planning and execution needed to assist established professionals achieve their aims within the game. We take a holistic approach to representation, covering all aspects of a player’s career, on the pitch, off the pitch and into retirement.

It's our dedicated team, along with our process and global networks, which enable us to remain agile and responsive for our clients’ needs. This ensures we can present our clients with the best opportunities for their career, allowing them to focus on performing on the pitch.  
Headquartered out of London, we also have offices in the United States, Netherlands, Ireland and Dubai, so we’re globally positioned to support our athletes, wherever they’re based. 

Integrity and trust

We promise to always be honest and transparent, valuing our integrity and your trust over a short term gain. We work to establish long term relationships with our clients and their families, and those relationships have been built around honesty and trust.
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Who we represent

At Concilium Sport we represent the best emerging talent across the UK and Europe and hold a reputation for working with some of the biggest names in the game. As one of our clients, your goals are synonymous with ours, enabling us to build long lasting relationships.